• Anti Virus Software

    AVG Free Edition is made by Grisoft and is a free, complete anti-virus program that will scan your system and protect your computer from those nasty viruses. I have used it for years and recommend it. See the Glossary to read more about Computer Viruses.

  • Firewall

    Zone Alarm is a free firewall program that I also recommend. Like the firewalls used in homes and buildings, computer firewalls act as a barrier between computers on a network. For individuals with a permanent connection to the internet (Broadband connection, most common ones are DSL or cable), a firewall is critical. Without a firewall, malicious programs (called malware) could possible be inadvertently downoaded, intruders on the network would ideally be able to destroy, tamper with or gain access to the files on your computer, and other potentially harmful events could occur. See the Glossary for more info about Firewalls.

  • Spyware Detection:

    SpyBot Search & Destroy or Adaware
    These are both good programs to scan your system and protect it from malicious spyware. Spyware is a program that, when installed on your computer, can change settings, display advertising, and/or track Internet behavior and report information back to a central database. Spyware is sometimes installed unintentionally along with other wanted software, and can be very hard to detect and remove. Also known as malware. Spyware can also be unintentionally downloaded when visiting certain websites on the Internet. See the Glossary to read more about Spyware.

  • Office Program (Microsoft Office Replacement)

    Open Office is free substitution for Microsoft Office Suite with a fully functional word processor, spread sheets, etc. Check it out!

  • Word Processors (Microsoft Word Replacement):

    Jarte is a compact, FREE word processor with a unique interface. Although Jarte doesn't look anything like the office word processor you are used to, it can handle your word processing tasks with ease.

    Ledit! is a free, easy to use, highly reliable, cross-platform word processor. It is small, quick, and capable. LedIt! has all the features most people need, without all the clutter and confusion of some word processors

  • Graphics and Picture Editors (Free Replacements for expensive programs like Photoshop, etc):

    Image Forge provides you with a set of powerful tools for painting and editing images, photos or other graphics. Create and edit images, acquire pictures from your scanner, digital camera or other devices, apply special effect filters, produce your own photo albums and simple slide shows, and much more.

    Ultimate Paint is an alternative to MS Paint with many more features.

    Paint.net is an image and photo manipulation software designed to be used on computers that run Windows 2000 or XP. Paint.NET has many of the powerful features that expensive commercial applications have, including the ability to use layers.

    Gimp is free software for photo and image editing and management.

  • Free CD and DVD Burning Software (Roxio or Nero Replacements):

    Deep Burner 1.6 is free software that can burn data to Cd's and DVD's.

    MusicMatch Jukebox 10 is not the fastest, but is a capable free software program that can rip CD's and burn to CD's.

  • Music Downloading Programs and Websites (While the controversy continues about whether or not it is ethical and legal to download music for free, that is something that I leave up to you. If you choose to do so, here are programs and websites you can use to do this):



    I Mesh


    Kazaa Lite

    The New Napster--listen to music for free

These are some of my favorites, for a more complete list, click here. If you have any additions for the Free Software Section that you want to share, please use the Feedback Form to let me know!



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