Campaign to End AIDS 2005

The "Paving the Way" Caravan

Leaving NYC on October 15th 2005, walking from Times Square, through the Lincoln Tunnel and on to Washington DC on foot. It took 21 days and we arrived in DC on November 4th 2005. It ended with 4 days of action in DC intended to shed light and bring legislature and changes in the way the current administration is dealing (or NOT dealing) with the AIDS pandemic. It was an awesome adventure we won't soon forget. Here are pictures taken of the first 22 days.

Click here to learn more about the amazing "Academy Street Firehouse", an amazing day care center for kids infected and affected, NJ AIDS Resource Foundation, and Terry and Faye Zealand, the people who run it. They are just one of the many amazing people we met along the way, who we touched and touched us in so many ways! They fed us a gourmet meal, put us up for the night, marched with us (while we marched, one of their 'kids' passed away), all the while they were in imminent danger of losing their building, even after taking a second mortgage on their own home. We took up a spontaneous collection and called everyone we knew. Hope it helped. These are very special people.

C2EA Videos Courtesy of Kei Okada
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Download Power Point Presentation of the trip, featuring our slogan "It is what it is, and it's all good"



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