Exercises: Searching the Internet 2

In this exercise, you will find information on the Internet and copy and paste it to a word document to be saved and printed (if you like). This is called "mutitasking" and is an important Internet skill. You can also print it out here.

  • Go Microsoft Word to open a blank Word Document (there should be an Icon on the desktop or go to Start—Programs—Microsoft Office—Microsoft Word). Type number 1 for the first question. Then minimize the window (click the first button on the top window controls-the one with the line on it. If you hold the cursor over the choices without clicking, a box pops up and tells you what each choice is).

  • Now it is still open, but not showing. To open it back up, click on the box as it located down on the task bar at the bottom of the screen and it will open back up.

  • Open a browser window (Internet Explorer—there should also be an icon on the desktop screen for this).

  • In the Address Bar, type:


    In the “Search” box, type in the keywords that would best represent what you are looking for. Words like “the”, “and”, “if”, etc are not necessary. Use only the nouns (for instance: if the question is “What US President was born in a town named Caldwell?”, you would want to type something like: US President born Caldwell). Hit ENTER on the keyboard and find the answers to the first question below.

  • Look over the list of websites. Read the descriptions of the sires and seewhich one looks like it contains the answers you are looking for. When you find the right web page and answer, highlight the right sentence(s) of the answer and “copy” it by going to the top toolbar, click EDIT, then click COPY.

  • ** To highlight the sentence, click the mouse in front of the first letter of the first word of the sentence. Hold the mouse button down as you move across the sentence (and down if necessary). Let go at the end of what you want to copy. It is now “highlighted” or “selected”.**

  • Go to the task Bar on the bottom of the screen and open up the Word document (click on the box that has the little “W” meaning Microsoft Word.).

  • Insert the cursor where you want the answer to be (next to number 1) and click EDIT on the top toolbar, click PASTE.

  • Hit “Enter” on the keyboard to move down the page and type question 2.

  • Continue finding the answers and copying and pasting them as you did above

The Questions

  1. Go to www.recipesource.com. Find a recipe for Brazilian Fish Stew
  2. Find the times for the movie that you want to most see at the Loew’s Cineplex at 312 W. 34th St., New York, NY 10001.
  3. Go to www.google.com and search for Social Security Online and find the location of the closest Social Security Office to your house
  4. What is “Shingles” and how is it treated?
  5. Find a copy of Leonardo DaVinci’s “The Last Supper”. Copy and paste the picture to the word document.
  6. What are Pomegranates and where do they come from?
  7. Find the website of a favorite famous person (actor/actress/singer/dancer/author). Write the address down. Try to find their “Contact” information (email address, address, phone number, etc)

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