Copy and Paste Exercises

Click on the Exercise and then click "open" if it asks you if you want to open or save it.

  • Number Cut and Paste
  • Cut out the numbers at the bottom and put them in order in the boxes at the top.

  • Letters Copy and Paste
  • The words at the bottom of the page fit into the corresponding boxes that have the first letter in them on top. Use the "Letter Pool" at the right to make these words. You are going to "copy" rather than "paste" in order to use some letters more than once.

  • Clothes Picture Cut and Paste
  • First, cut out the name of the clothing item and paste it into the appropriate box. Then cut out the picture of that clothing and paste it next to the name.

  • Word Cut and Paste
  • Cut out the phrases and place them in order in the boxes on top.

  • Word Cut and Paste 2
  • Cut out the right word to complete teh sentences.

  • Sentences Cut and Paste
  • Cut out the sentences at the bottom and paste them into the story where they would make sense. Read the story--does it make sense?

  • Thesaurus exercise
  • Timeline
  • Cut and paste the events in the right order from newest to oldest.


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