Resources to Find Low Cost Computers...

Credit Card? Debit Card? Other options...

One of the best places to find low cost computers is online. To purchase items online, you usually need a credit or debit card.If you don't have either of these, you can go to your local check cashing place and purchase a "secure credit card". I believe you can also purchase one at Duane Reade or your local drugstore. This is a Visa, Mastercard, etc that you put a certain amount of money on and can spend that amount only. Sometimes there is an activation fee. Ask about different options, there are usually more than one available. You could also inquire about a secured card at your bank. In addition, some websites give you the option of sending a check or money order. Look for the phone number of the company, usually found by clicking the "contact us" link, and call to ask what other payment options are available.


  • Dell

  • Dell's online store. Be sure to check out the "Refurbished" and "Auction" Sections. These are used computers that have been upgraded. They come with a warranty which is very important.
  • NexTag

  • Low cost refurbished desktops.
  • Gateway
  • Compaq
  • Amazon

  • You can find some good deals for used systems. Make sure you check out the seller's"rating" and warranty information.
  • EBay
    You can find some good deals for used systems. Make sure you check out the seller's"rating" and warranty information.
  • Craig's List
    This is a NYC Online Community where you can find good deals on systems (and everything else!) that people are selling. Be sure to check out the FREE section for stuff that people are giving away. There are also "Jobs", "Apt's", "Personals", and other sections!
  • Tiger Direct
    This website often has good deals. They also have refurbished systems.
  • Computers4sure
    Large selection of new & refurbished computers
  • Overstock
    Some great deals
  • UBid.com
    Bid for your perfect PC
  • DiscountPC
    Refurbished PC's
  • ERC
    Used Computers
  • ReSeller Ratings.com
    Find and compare low prices. Online store reviews.
  • Ben's Bargains

Other Resources:

  • Newspapers-Check out ads in the paper, especially the Sunday papers.
  • Commercials- Watch for TV ads that look good.
  • Word of Mouth- Ask friends, family, peers, strangers if they know of any low cost computer deals or someone getting rid of a computer.
  • Check out your local stores like PC Richards, Best Buy, CompUSA, or Circuit City to name a few. Also check out the store catalogs.
  • Watch for Computer Shows or "Expos" in your area. They often have good deals.

If you know of any other resources, please use the Feedback Form to let me know! Thanks!




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