Read! Ask! Don't be shy!

Read all the details and small print! If you're looking online, in the paper, a store catalog or at the store, make sure you read or ask about exactly what components come with this computer. Ask questions! Remember, there are NO stupid questions! Don't be intimidated or worry about sounding stupid....this is YOUR money you're spending and it's the sales people's job is to explain things to you. Does the package include the monitor (some don't!)?... the speakers?... a floppy drive?... printer?... what software comes included?
Most online computer sales websites (and other places) will allow you to customize the features you would like and adjust the price accordingly. Also look to see what extras are included. Many web sites and stores have deals that change and often include free printers, free shipping, different software, free web cams or other "add-ons". ASK if you're not sure!

Warranties....Mucho Important!

Most computers come with a Limited Warranty, usually good for 90 days, sometimes up to a year. Approximately 50% of computer snags occur after the first year. I highly recommend that you upgrade your warranty and purchase extended coverage. There are many other plans you can purchase, for an additional fee. Ask about services like Tech Support, At-Home Service, PC Home Installation, etc. Some invaluable features of the warranty include being able to call Tech Support at any time of the day or night, having broken components replaced at no cost, automatic upgrades. Trust me, Tech Support WILL become a good friend in the first few weeks and months after getting your new computer!


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July 7, 2006