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The Conference in Toronto was an amazing experience. I made so many friends and learned so much I hadn't known. I also took a lot of pictures, so many that i divided it up by days and events. If anyone else has pictures they want to add, let me know. Thanks to Allison Reynolds for contributing as well. Enjoy!

Monday, August 14th 2006-
Women’s and Girls’ Rally and March, Demo to deliver letter to the Consulate of India, Demo with ACT UP in Conference, Global Village  

Tuesday, August 15th 2006-
Demo to deliver letter to the Consulate of the Republic of Korea, and to the Consulate of the People’s Republic of China, booth in the Global Village, Club Purgatory "Condom Party"

Wednesday, August 16th 2006- Planned CD to
deliver demand letter to the United States Consulate General, Day of Action in support of Canadian safe injection site. Booth in the Global Village, and boat tour of the Inner Harbor.

Thursday, August 17th 2006- demo to deliver letter to the Royal Consulate of Thailand, deliver letter to the Consulate of Japan, and to Deliver letter to the British Consulate.Also the Global Village

Friday, August 18th 2006-- We left for home in the morning and made a pit stop at the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. It was beautiful and I'm happy we didn't miss this opportunity!! These are pictures of us and the Falls.

Some more photos by Allison Reynolds

Check out more pictures, videos and info at www.timetodeliver.org, an independent, uncensored blog of activists at the Toronto Int'l AIDS Conference.

The official conference website is here, http://www.aids2006.org/



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